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Young Justice #2

The folks behind Young Justice have stated that they're working to make the tie-in comic a companion piece that will supplement the TV show, not just a monthly exercise in filler material, and the final line of dialogue this issue makes that evident.

This issue takes place shortly after the pilot two-parter, during Superboy's first night at Mount Justice.

Superboy, eventually realizing there's something odd about everything going on, decides to test a theory.

The teleporter system normally announces the identity of anyone who enters it (as we've seen multiple times in the show, e.g. "Superboy, B-Zero-Four" -- and bonus trivia: according to the creators, the voice is supposed to be Catherine Cobert, from the JLI days). The fact that it doesn't announce Aquaman is the evidence Superboy needs that none of these people are real.

The little guy was picking up on psychic residue left in the cave from a traumatic past event.