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I love the Bella Sara narrator. You can almost imagine a GlaDOS-style voice where it's creepily monotone but still sincere and trying for motherly.
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Oh, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is so much better than it has ANY RIGHT TO BE! I mean, it's a silly little cartoon to sell silly little pony toys to little girls . . . and it is MADE OF WIN.
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Tell me about it! I was initially horrified at the designs, but the animation is smooth and the writing is fun and I've kinda come around. I like 'em. And this after only seeing one episode.

IIRC, the person in charge used to work on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
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The songs are fiendishly insidious, too. They don't SEEM that catchy, and then days later...
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Yeh, Lauren Faust did Foster's and Power Puff Girls. Kind of an odd choice for My Little Pony, but it seems to be working out well.

EDIT: Her Deviantart. She pulled all her MLP art when she was hired for the show, but there used to be a lot and you can probably find them still floating through the internets. She's selling original MLP art for Japan.
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I'm saying this as a guy, so anyone is welcome to correct me here, but I get the impression MLP:FiM is one of the first cartoon that actually...and I want to say this properly...doesn't have female characters but rather characters that are female, which is why I think it appeals to people of both sexes.
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That was Lauren Faust's goal when she made it;

She basically wanted to break away from the standard girl cartoon formula, and show that Girls don't all have to be frilly and sugary and not have real conflict; Girls can be smart, or tough, or just fucking crazy.

Basically, Lauren Faust created a show that is, in theory, intended for girls, but can be enjoyed by anyone.
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Yes, precisely. The characters have flaws and strengths and not just one of either.
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Jem, anyone? The Misfits aren't ALL bad, and the Holograms have their bad side too (occasionally)
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To this day I think my favourite episode is the one where Kimber and Stormer did a duo act!
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It helps that it has Animation Goddess Lauren Faust at the helm.

I've been to Ponychan (the FIM themed Chan board that was made when 4chan proper rejected MLP) and its one of the nicest (for a chan) places around.

Friendship is magic is to girl cartoons what Bruce Timm's Batman was to boy cartoons. It is, in a word, a game changer.