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Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

I've done a series of little Ms. Marvel vignettes with some cool bits from her second solo series.

The main reason why I'm into Carol is based on her life post House of M, leading into her Best of the Best arc.

Carol Danvers is an alcoholic. She's stuck as a B or C-list Avenger, just pottering about in the superhero leagues. She spends her free time on the couch, watching old movies and eating Ben and Jerry's. Her life is not going the way that she intended.

Then, Wanda Maximoff recreates the world and Carol Danvers arrives in the the House of M (which is probably my favourite Marvel "event" since the event cycle started). Carol is the number 1 sapien superhero in the world. Captain Marvel is successful and popular. She's got everything that she ever wanted.

This is the framing device for Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 - Carol dealing with not being in the House of M any more.

In the book, she goes and fights Warren Traveller, a sorcerer who's her arch-nemesis in House of M (and in the first few issues of Reed's book). When the fight is over (won when she throws a cat at him), Carol goes back to her press conference.

There's a guest there who is ready to change her life.

Why I like Carol - she recognises that she doesn't like her life, that she has potential to be so much more than she is just now and she makes an effort to be the person that she wants to be.

I discovered this title at a time when I really identified with this character. She's genuinely a role model for me, though some people scoff at the idea.

Carol Danvers is the antithesis of foul bachelor frog

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First time I've seen Carol behave decently since the 80s.
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Mockingbird's still cooler.
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My hatred of the tedious miasma that is Ms. Marvel is not arbitrary.
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"Tedious miasma" is a pretty good descriptor of how Carol's solo book and overall use over the last several years has gone.

Honestly? This post just makes me kinda sad, because we were given great promise and thing never even came CLOSE to meeting it.
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Yea. "I'm going to be the best! Then I'm going to join the bad guy side of a big event, have a series, but really don't do anything world shaking..."
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If it had been done well, sure. But even with that I can't picture her on the side of pro-reg as it was actually portrayed.

It wouldn't been a great chance for her to say, "This is BS! I'm pro-reg, but your methods are out of line!" and try and really be the best.
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I've been mulling your question over since yesterday, and here's the conclusion I've reached:

I bring up Mockingbird in these Ms. Marvel posts because I'm jealous. I want to like Ms. Marvel, I really do. I've got The Essential Ms. Marvel at home, I tried to read her book when I had a subscription to Marvel Digital, and I tried to read the comic again when Moonstone took over for her. Every time though, I come to the same conclusion: Carol Danvers is what you get if you gave Col. Samantha Carter super powers and then stripped her of everything that made Sam Carter interesting.

Then there's Bobbi Morse, who doesn't have powers but still managed to work her way up through military-ish channels to being an Avenger, who's been through the whole raped under supernatural circumstances then scoffed at by the Avengers (and her husband), and who's been through even more, namely trapped on a Skrull planet for three years.

To answer your question in a bit more detail, I don't consider the similarities between Carol Danvers and Bobbi Morse to be arbitrary. They both matriculated from military organizations into the world of super-heroes, they were both subject to Marvel's dumbass views of raping characters for dramatic effect, and they both recently got a second chance at reestablishing themselves in modern comics. It's when I continue to compare the two, when I see all the advantages Ms. Marvel has...super powers, a glimpse into a world where she was the best of the best, her own SHIELD team from Stark...over Bobbi, who's smarter and tougher than Carol's ever had to be, I get jealous that Ms. Marvel got fifty issues to squander while Bobbi didn't even get six.

That said, I apologize for dissing one of your favorite characters, and I'll make a point to avoid future Ms. Marvel posts so I don't do it again.
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I though the opposite of Foul Bachelor Frog was Foul Bachelorette Frog:
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I was so loving this, but it seemed they really dropped the ball afterwards. She was on the side of Tony's Avengers, now she's just another female on the teams. She sorta almost dated Spider-Man (a move I supported).

Just, I thought she would really be leading the Avengers by now.
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There's still trust issues to overcome before she gets into a leadership role, both her own trust issues and the trust of others.
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I really enjoyed seeing Ms. Marvel standing in the foreground in The Mighty Chovengers as well. Oh, and her characterization was nice too. :P
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The best?

The best?!

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She's The Best! Around! Nothing's Ever Gonna Get Her Down!
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I think easily the best thing about House of M was the stories for people like Carol and Peter: people whose lives were genuinely infinitely better because of the changes in the timestream.

I know Carol's series at least started hinged on that notion and trying to get that life back, but did any of the Spider-Man books ever touch on Peter being married to Gwen and having a kid in the HoM universe?
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did any of the Spider-Man books ever touch on Peter being married to Gwen and having a kid in the HoM universe?

It was briefly touched on in the first issue of Son of M. That one scene with Peter was better than the entire rest of the series with Pietro. Everybody came off looking better than Pietro, even random muggers.

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I felt that Carol being the best hero of House of M was a mark against her. The human race was being oppressed and she was an adored and popular hero and that's a good thing? It's like being the greatest hero of a Skrull conquered Earth.
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Mimic one-shotting alternateS teve Rogers:

still totally great