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stubbleupdate ([personal profile] stubbleupdate) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2011-03-23 09:31 pm

Dinner is served

FF#1 came out this week.

It was amazing.

iFanboy made it their pick of the week, giving Hickman an FF hat-trick of the death issue, the final issue and the first issue that they made pick of the week.

There's some cracking ideas in this, and the new status quo is being developed nicely.

Because FF doesn't just stand for Future Foundation, it also stands for First Family.

Grandpa Richards is back living with the family. And he's made a roast.

I am metaphorically gagging to read more of this family dynamic and see how Reed deals with living with his dad (and how his Dad deals with meeting the Council)

Especially with the new uncle that's living with them now

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