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Generation Lost - I'll Miss It When It's Gone :(

Issue 22 hits the stands today, and as if to continue last issue's uplifting moments in the face of possibly a great tragedy, this issue makes us smile. (: (Batman and Wonder Woman cover image is nonsensical, so we do not speak of it here)

Four scans below the cut.

And then Kara arrives with Batman, and they talk about how they need to go save this Wonder Woman person that the world seems to have forgotten.

Gavril is always wanting to be helpful, so......

Seriously, I'm going to be so bummed out if this title/team just shuffles off into nothingness after Brightest Day concludes. :(

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LOL Bea's comment "Diana? What are you wearing??!"

Also, does this mean Bea is sort of dating/hooked up with someone who is genderqueer? (yee-haw, if so! :D)
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Huh? Well, after Tora died she had a sort of relationship-ish with her replacement Sigrid. Bea's feelings for Tora aren't just implied they're pretty much canon. *nods*
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Haha, I meant because Bea had kissed RR/hooked up with him/has chemistry with and now he's "Diana" (hologram image, but still...)

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Oh. Hey. I'm sure he likes to feel sometimes pretty too.
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Haha, their bedroom shenanigans will be epic ;D
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Hahaha. One can only imagine..... and yes, now I'm imagining.
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xD and writing fic ;D
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[personal profile] sweettart1823 2011-03-24 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Maayybeee (because I need more things I want to write but never get around to it :/)
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Don't forget Guy. OT3 for the win!
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[personal profile] benicio127 2011-03-24 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
OT4: Guy, Tora, Bea & RR :)
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A little sex pollen helps!

I mean. I'm just sayin'.
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They start talking about Vodka, drinking contest ensues.. Next morning, all anyone can remember is Guy and Gavril nakedly re-enacting the bomb drop scene from Dr. Strangelove......
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Never just you...