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In this installment of Bloodlines we get to probably my second favorite of the male Bloodliners (after Joe Public if anyone really wanted to know, or it might be a tie between 'em I tend to go back and forth).

This issue is nice in that it portrays a pretty realistic look on a guy who gets powers after his life has turned to hell, at least to me.

18 pages from a 54 page story.


Our story opens up with a man named Jack Mobley coming out of his doctors office. He's discovered he has pancreatic cancer in its late stages and only six months to live.



Yeah he's clearly unable to see things from other perspectives as you could definitely tell by the last line there but it is pretty realistic.

Jack then comes upon a red haired woman who has a dead man in front of her, purportedly her brother. She convinces him to take her home until she can get over the shock of his death. Clearly things are going to go well for him! No?

Oh right. Lissik.


This is also the Parasites first mention of collecting spinal fluid for a certain reason. Though it isn't gone into in this issue. Oh Venev.         

The Justice League is meanwhile battling Angon though it doesn't go very well. Angon almost kills Guy since she knocks him unconscious and drops him from a few thousand feet.


At this point in time Fire had lost her powers for some reason. I think they were only fully restored  later but not sure where or when. 

Jack Mobley has since then woken up and found himself transformed. He also comes to realize he seems to have the power to have people turn into their true dark selves. IE the worse a person is the more monstrous and disgusting his touch makes them. Questioning what his powers have done to his body he goes back to his doctor.


After his Doctor makes a few snide jokes about Mobley's body being like an automobile now Jack gets pissed and transforms the two into monsters. "Huh, they must've had a lot of hatred built up over the years!" The two medical folk in a mindless walk start busting out of the hospital and civilians see them thinking they're the Parasites. Similarly the crowd sees Jack and attacks him, also getting touched by him, turning into a mob of monsters. Maxima and Ray come upon the crowd.


The duo stop attacking the "monsters" and then focus on Mobley after the girl says he was the one who made her mom into that. But he escapes in the crowd and confusion.

Back at the JLA headquarters Max wants to introduce the JLA to three new heroes that might help.

Yeah, admittedly it was a bit annoying to see New Blood s pop up out of nowhere (I originally thought I missed a story somewhere) but it does make sense given how widespread the Parasites attacks have been.

The groups start to tussle thanks to Guy but Slingshot ends the battle with a display of her unique power.

Yeah, she just accelerated a phones velocity (also controlling its direction) and tossed it through a wall with no effort.

Jack has meanwhile gone to turn his day around and go visit his ex-wife. Her new husband argues with Jack and he turns him into a monster.


Meanwhile Max is coordinating the JLA to try to round up the Parasites in a fake rally where many people would show up, as bait for the Parasites. But one member is annoyed.


I think Max meant "Let's not forget". "Let's don't forget" is just wrong.

Diana and Ted have a chat. Ted was at the time retired and no longer actually superheroing but was spending the last few days on the computers trying to track news of the Parasites for the JLA but Ted has offically tired out and falls asleep in his chair.


Meanwhile Jack has taken the name Terrorsmith and tries his hand at being a bad guy, making an army of monsters and Diana confronts him.


Diana takes Jack back to the headquarters. He complains about how people's lives are being ruined by the Parasites and the heroes aren't doing much to help.

Max retorts with a line that's very ironic today "Why, you whining snot! You turn yourself into some kind of half-baked villain out of self-pity, and then blame us?"

It's then that Glady's (his daughter, not Booster "wife") suddenly reverts to being normal again. 

Yes. What Terrorsmith's power REALLY is is being able to change people to how he wants them to be. He can give them superpowers and presumably change anyone into anything if he could think of it. It's a very amazing power when you think about it.

The JLA then head to where the fake rally is to find and fight the Parasites who fell for the trap.


Super powered Max Lord (and Oberon) BWA-HAHAHA!



Now Terrorsmith I really did like as the last page showed he could easily be a hero or villain depending on what a writer wanted. His power also opened a lot of interesting ideas since he could morph people and give them powers. He was far from perfect but it was made prretty clear in the story. He made decisions in the spur of the moment and had to live with them. Sadly outside of the Bloodlines series and its wrap up story (Bloodbath) he only made one other appearance from what I know in an issue of Showcase '94. 

Also while looking for Bloodlines stuff I found this: it seems during the series DC put out trading cards of a bunch of the New Bloods (aside from the really minor ones) and oddly, the Bat related New Bloods.          

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