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One of my Favorite Marvel Relationships

Ah Rogue and Mystique, two of my favorite marvel characters for each their own reasons. True to form their relationship is both one of the most complex that exist in comics and also one of the most entertaining to read. So without further ado we look at a rough time in Rogue's adolescence.

Got your nose!

I think we all know what Mystique was thinking about...Destiny, some old rock and half a bottle of whiskey!

I love Rogue's characterization here, she's lived her life bottled up and an experience like this never comes around often so she takes advantage of it.

Insert joke about the difference between this Pyro and the god-awful ultimate one here

Gotta love shape-shifters

Rogue flirts with the guard a bit more but he asks to see Mystique's (Dr. Forbes) I.D, which of course she doesn't have. Rogue kisses the guards and drains him.

Oh I should explain this a bit for those unfamiliar with Rogue or X-men in general. Rogue can drain people and mutants of their powers through means of touch but this also absorbs their memories. It's never a fluid transfer like how Prof X and Jean Grey might read a mind so it often hits rogue with feedback. Draining dark or painful memories can assault Rogue's mental state temporarily.

Turns out this guard is not a nice man and Rogue starts to lose herself. They come across the mutant they set out to rescue.

Poor Rogue, the first panel is a sad look at how she viewed herself at the time

Of note, I don't recognize the mutant here. Any takers? Is he an actual character or a one-shot?

Rogue takes off her glove and attempts to touch the mutants face but he stands up and grabs her arm.

Again, love to know if that man is an actual character. I dig these panels though.

There you have it folks. A learning experience for both Mystique and Rogue.

So what do you guys think? Does Mystique actually care about Rogue? Or does she only care about Destiny's prophecies and Rogue's powers?

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The last panel of the second scan is pretty pornalicious if you take out the dialogue.
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or even if you keep the first line!