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Scott Snyder has been on Detective since 871. If you haven't been reading it yet, this is a great issue to start. The writing is superb and the art is fantastic.
He's been delving into a story that he began weaving in 873 about James Gordon Jr., the son of Jim and Barbara Gordon (aka the son she was pregnant with in Batman Year One)

Oh aaaand it looks like one of the pages I've posted has already been posted here . Therefore... it looks like seven pages have been posted in total.

Jim is currently looking into an old case, the Peter Pan killer. As he is investigating the potential killer, who was released from prison, the plot is interspersed with flashbacks about James Jr.
Jim and James had a sit-down at a restaurant in 874, which was very tense and creepy. To set this up, Jim is looking back on James's life and there seems to be this idea of "was he bad all along?" Or "was he ever really bad?" that Snyder plays with.

I just have to say, about the panel where James is dressed up like the Joker for Halloween -- after all these scenes where we see a flashback to Babs' being shot in the spine (from the Killing Joke) in order to stress home how the Joker has terrorized citizens/the Gordon family, just a small thing like this is a much, much better way to do foreshadowing. And it works in a totally morbid and creepy way.

Another flashback is to when Jim, Sarah, Babs and James Jr. are off at a cottage for a weekend trip.

Babs' friend later disappears and Jim has no idea if it's because of James or because of the Peter Pan killer he's still chasing to this day.

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It's the DC Universe. When is the timeline ever NOT off? For the 1990s onwards, it was pretty much a lock that Superman, Batman, (but not Wonder Woman) debuted "10 years ago."

The Batman miniseries "Turning Points" is a good example. The LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT issue where Batman and Gordon talk during No Man's Land has them say:
"You use me. You've been using me for ten years."
"Or vice versa."


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