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The Joker seriously needs to go away for a while. Kill him off, put him on hiatus, I don't care. Give him 5 to 10 years away from comics. Then when you bring him back, go back to a guy who could commit crimes other than cold-blooded murder and who, when he did kill, would make it part of a punchline instead of just doing it because he can.

Honestly, I'm quite dumbfounded that DC doesn't seem interested in capturing some of the Joker's animated appearances in their depiction of the character. The Joker from the DCAU or even Batman: The Brave and the Bold captures the character very well. But it looks like DC is insisting on doing a poor imitation of Heath Ledger's depiction instead. (Not to take anything away from Ledger's Joker, which was excellent, but it's just one facet of the character.)

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