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Back with some more Scalped. When we last left off, Catcher had just left Officer Falls Down to bleed out on a mountain because he discovered that Catcher had a hand in Gina Bad Horse's death. While this issue is a continuation, we don't see Falls Down this issue. Instead, the story shifts to Dino Poor Bear to focus on his burgeoning relationship with Carol Ellroy. While the relationship has been ambiguous ever since Carol left Dashiell Bad Horse to clean up from her drug addiction and put him behind her, things take a heartbreaking turn when Dino realizes what Carol really thinks of him. I'll let the scans speak for themselves.

The only question I've got is, who's the narrator that seems to know all these details about Dino's eventual fall into darkness? Based on Catcher's visit at the ending of the last issue, I'd guess it was Catcher that's putting the pawns into place. Still, my heart breaks for Dino.
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