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Guest starring Ms. Marvel

Since Brian Reed stopped being interested in her series (which was then cancelled) and the first incarnation of the Bendis' Mighty Avengers finished (both of which seem to coincide right about Secret Invasion), Ms. Marvel's not had a lot to do in the Marvel universe. She's been Avengers wallpaper, occasionally coming to the fore when something needs to be hit and stand in crowd scenes.

I don't believe that she's even had notable gust star spots, except in Black Widow and the Marvel Girls. As you can see from the cover, this series carries Marvel's guarantee of good, clean, done-in-one superhero storytelling. For those new to Marvel comics, just look for the TOBIN mark on the cover. In this instance, it's next to the barcode at the bottom of the page.

This series tells the story of Natasha's development from raw recruit in the Soviet secret service (she's literally a child in #1) and her rise through the ranks and SHIELD. It's essentially Black Widow team up, featuring Storm, Wasp, Enchantress and Ms. Marvel

We're in Ashdod, Israel, where Natasha is on the hunt for Ms. Marvel. She leaves the hotel room that Ms. Marvel has been staying at and on the street sees somebody drive a van into a building.

Natasha flashes her SHIELD badge at the soldiers and acts as a first responder, helping to find survivors.* Underneath the wreckage she finds a woman in a cowboy shirt who is unharmed and asks "Am I to be activated" before walking away.
Natasha finds a room full of Nazi iconography, a massive portrait of the Red Skull and a cyogenic-style chamber with the door open.
Natasha goes back topside and starts giving out orders to the Israeli troops on the scene.
She radios in to Nick Fury and explains that the incident is unrelated to her search for Ms. Marvel.

I'd really like to see some more things like this. Superheroes helping out during disasters, rather than just punching things.

And Carol's seventh sense kicks in.

What happens next? More? I heartily recommend this
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I'm guessing this is a flashback to Ms. Marvel's early career? Or is it not canon to the regular Marvel Universe?

(That's Ms. Marvel's second uniform, for instance. Wouldn't she have been around long enough at that point that Black Widow would know who she is?)
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This falls into the Marvel Adventures realm, I believe.
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It's not marked as such, either on this cover or on the cover of the TPB, which all the other books in the imprint are, AFAIK.
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Carol in that last panel is literally screaming to be made into a Facepalm icon.
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Ask, and ye shall receive!
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Icon <3. :)

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Oh lol, I have this in TPB format. The other women she teams with if I am not mistaken are Wasp, Storm, and Enchantress right?
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They should bring back Ms Marvel's Seventh Sense. It was a handy power. I remember Rogue trying to use it back in the day. (The day I got Essential X-men Vol 3, but back in the day anyway.)
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This is not bad art overall, but did the beach sun melt away all Tasha and Carol's body mass?

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What's the asterisk for?
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I am not familiar with the seventh sense.
Care to elaborate?
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A sort of sporadic precognition that would kick in unpredictably, used mostly as a plot device. It was supposed to be a low-powered version of Captain Mar-Vell's cosmic awareness, but seemed to function more like Spider-Man's spider-sense.
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Ahhhhhh. Thanks.
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I really like the art.

And Carol is right, that is creepy.
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The Red Skull looks extremely jaunty in that picture.
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She's been Avengers wallpaper, occasionally coming to the fore when something needs to be hit and stand in crowd scenes.

That's been a complaint of mine for most of her time with the New Avengers team. Bendis oddly chose to have her almost singlehandedly take down Count Nefaria in that big post-Siege finale issue, yet other than that she's either standing around uselessly or being jobbed by third-tier supervillains that should wet themselves at the thought of fighting Spider Man.
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I'm amazed no-one has made an icon or something out of that "So... are you curious?" panel yet.