Date: 2011-04-11 12:43 am (UTC)
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But.... would those news reports say that Superman stopped Batman from killing the Joker? I mean... only the two of them know that. And only the three of them knew about the helicopter scenario. I don't think anyone else was actually privy to that information except those three. (Does Dick even know about what happened in the helicopter and at the UN? Bruce didn't even tell him Jason was dead! And that's Dick we're talking about; the closest person to him, apart from Alfred, Clark and maybe Selina.)

And simply because he's interacted with all of them still doesn't mean that they've told him. Because they haven't. Certainly not in any canon scene I've read. Other than Tim saying, "no one could forget you," and Jason being in the Batcave and seeing his Robin memorial. I think it's kind of like asking the character to be a mind-reader when he doesn't have those abilities. But how is he supposed to glean that Bruce did try to kill the Joker from that?
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