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it's that I can give credit where credit is due. I'm not a fan of much of Devin Grayson's output, but she can write a darn good character scene, Jim Lee tends to leave me unimpressed, but he can draw a darn pretty Dynamic Duo from time to time.

And so, in the interests of fairness and honesty I have to say that I liked this inteview up at newsarama

In which Judd Winick speaks about his forthcoming arc on Batman and Robin....

Nrama: But this Batman isn't Bruce. This is Dick. What are Jason's feelings about him?
Winick: Jason hates Dick Grayson. He's the good son; he's the one that worked out; he's the one that "Dad" loves best. For me, there's a philosophy behind Jason and Dick that I haven't had a chance to play out fully. I don't think it's going to play out in this story, because it's probably not the place for it. But I don't mind putting the philosophy out there:

One thing that haunts Jason is that he thinks if Dick Grayson who was the one that was about to die, Batman would have saved him.
And worse, if Dick Grayson was murdered, Jason knows that Batman would have killed Joker. He knows that in his heart.

The dark, dark thing for Jason is that he doesn't feel Bruce's refusal to take revenge on the Joker is just about Batman's morals and code that he won't break. He thinks it's about him. He thinks that if Dick Grayson was the one who was murdered, Batman would have definitely killed Joker.

: So what do Dick and Damian think of Jason as they are forced to kind of team-up with him in this story?

Well, you'll need to go to the interview page to read the answer to that, it's only fair to Newsarama. :)

That's a nice summation of Jason Todd's feelings for Bruce and Dick, and expressed more clearly than I think it has been shown in the comics (IMHO of course). Especially the notion that Jason is convinced that if Dick had died, Bruce WOULD have killed the Joker (The events in "Infinite Crisis" where Bruce pulls a gun on Alex Luthor sort of support that, depending on how you read the original scene) This actually makes me want to read the issues to see how it plays out. Kudos to Mr Winick for that.

For context, the cute, how Jason probably views the role of Robin (These were designed by one of my favourite artists Andy Price for Lego Batman T-shirt that alas, they only made in child sizes, because I would wear the hell out of any of them!)

For fun, the sublime, the history of the Robins, in animated form

Which originated here

And for legality, the ridiculous, in the form of a "Context is for the weak" from "Batman: The Cult"

Date: 2011-04-11 08:16 pm (UTC)
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In my experience the first born is the one parents freak out over trying to do everything perfectly - I'm quite glad I had my sister to beat the path first and lower expectations, as it were. :D

Date: 2011-04-11 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] whitesycamore
Oh, I have no doubt he's proudest of Dick, although I think Dick's successes are largely in spite of Bruce and not because of him. I don't think that's the same thing as loving him the most though.

It's hard to judge Bruce's relationship with Jason, because it was so tempestuous. Early on he was very jazzed about him in that "I have a new kitten" way, and then of course Jason became very unhappy about something or other (it seemed like something was going wrong way before Gloria) and their relationship deteriorated.

It's sad; Jason was the kid who needed the most from Bruce, but he just didn't seem to realise that at all. That he could just scoop him up off the streets and take him home without anticipating a whole ton of baggage that Dick didn't have is one of the... incompatibly bronze-age elements of Jason's story that just don't make sense in the modern era.


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