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Oh, dear. Just as I thought that I'd been finally weaning myself off superhero comics, my old favourite B-lister duo start getting the treatment they deserve: Reported by Bleeding Cool News, it looks as if a Cloak and Dagger new series is about to take off, with Nick Spencer and Emma Rios at the helm!

I've read Nick Spencer's Morning Glories series and I really, really like it. It'll be interesting to see how he handles Cloak and Dagger; hopefully the series won't be too concerned with the inane Spider Island mucky-muck it'll be arising out of. (Though I suppose a Spider-Man cameo or two wouldn't hurt - they've always seem to have had an interesting friendship.)

Does anyone know any examples of Emma Rios' art? Wouldn't mind checking out her work to get a better idea of what the finished product's gonna look like.

For legality, my favourite page from the second run of the 80's Cloak and Dagger comic:

The URL title of that jpeg is horribly relevant. Cloak's expression never fails to TERRIFY THE CRAP OUT OF ME.
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This looks shopped; not because of how Cloak and Dagger's relationship is because it looks refreshing and hilarious, but because I think Reed wouldn't go 'seriously'.


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