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So in line with the upcoming Saturday release of the Filipino Heroes League graphic novel, the creator released a full preview up on their blogspot.

And I gotta say it is looking pretty sweet.

Basic summary:

Superheroes were the crowning glory of the post-WW2 Philippines,, most especially the task force of the FHL or Filipino Heroes League. Nowadays, the FHL are a small, underpaid set of not-so-super superpowered individuals, barely even taken seriously--until they are framed for a string of high-profile murders and become fugitives from the government.

So a more detailed recap falls here.

Invisiboy (yeah, now I get it) and Kid-Kidlat are humbled heroes, unlike the superstar supers on television. Especially Kid, who drives a tricycle to earn a meager daily living.

Poor guy.

Anyway, they get to Flashlight's place.

And then their Commander visits old friends of the original FHL in the hospital.

Now, they're sent to a warehouse to meet up with the police force to investigate the murders, only to find...


Unfortunately, their road trip is cut short by some... flashier superheroes.

Yeah I dunno what luck they have that they go up against the superhero team made up of creeps and psychos. Probably the same luck that got them framed in the first place.

I'm definitely excited to get this, but the sad part is, I won't be there to buy it. (on a plane to Florida, I'm almost regretting it. Almost) I'm so desperate to get my hands on this copy that I'm getting a friend to buy it for me.

Seems interesting, looks awesome, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be worth the read.
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