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Great news if you're pining for Chris Samnee's "Thor the Mighty Avenger" & pics from "Batman Live"!

Remember this fun cancelled series?

Yeah, I think we all do. :(

Well, Chris Samnee has been announced as the penciller on the WWII adventures of Steve and Bucky in the appropriately titled "Captain America and Bucky" (Shades of another Dynamic Duo's recent new title one wonders?). Up on his DeviantArt account he's posted a Bucky pic he did a while back, to celebrate.

And from The London Evening Standard we have the first pictures of the cast of the new Arena show "Batman live", which launches in London in August then goes on a world tour.

The Dynamic Duo

This is apparently Dick Grayson, whose introduction to the Batverse forms the core of the show..

The Bad Guys (Like their Joker and Harley)

Awww, a group shot, isn't that sweet? :)

Click for a video from the main site, of the audition process