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TTK, yes. TPK? Let's hope not.

So this week, Doomsday came down on Superboy's head.

What followed ended in the only way it really could have, in between solicits for Reign Of and the characters' power levels.

It wasn't something we weren't all expecting, though- if the Eradicator or the Cyborg couldn't do the trick, what chance would a half-breed with a little extra really have?

Tactile telekinesis, most thought, constituted that little chance- if he could just use it cleverly, he might last more than one page.

In fact, his fight spanned most of the book, minus a talk with Tim and Simon's meeting a very interested Ray Palmer.

(Who seems to be scouting young super-scientists like him both for Ivy University's new 'meta-science' program and to check the growth of mad scientist villainy.. I won't lie, I want to see where that goes.)

The boy and the man's killer raged over San Fran, the latter outmatching the former:

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The fist was a hanging implement; Conner's chosen to hit Doomsday with big objects, having figured VERY quickly going blow-for -blow would not be the best of ideas.

Not just cause Doomsday is Doomsday (in fact, our hero thinks, he's even worse!) but because he's become a bit cannier.

A bit more cunning, a quality that the grey one's other prey've recognized.

(Though it doesn't seem to be intelligence; in between this, the Superman/Batman annual's ending, and Action 903's solicit, it's probably just that he's someone's upgraded attack dog.)

They've also recognized their own qualities in him; Steel saw him grow a steel hide, the Eradicator saw him bring familiar energies to bear, and the Cyborg found himself matched in technopathy as well.

So guess what happens:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes, it's half the reason I kept an eye out for this..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TTKable Doomsday!

(I do like the speculation that there are multiple Doomsdays, one being sent to each target of the Reign.. it'd certainly explain where Cyborg Doomsday got off to, and make for one heck of a spread in the Reign's conclusion.)

Conner figures the same thing the Reign's other victims did about their attacker:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And takes that little directed blow (it's not the grand sweeping terrain destroyer I was expecting, operatic gestures and all, but it will definitely do) on the chin:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

No, Conner, you can't.

He does try, though, filling Doomsday's world with red-hot eye heat.. only for the monstrosity to rather brutally spike him into the end zone, so to speak.

And take him off to the Reign's conclusion at Cornell's hands.

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