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My favorite Thor couple: Balder and Karnilla

Greetings True Believers!

As most of you know, I'm a huge Thor fan and one of my favorite things in the Thor Mythos is the relationship between Karnilla and Balder.

I love the dynamic and attitude between them. The Legendary Simonson Run is full of B/K goodness but the relationship/flirting/fighting thing they do goes back to Balder and Karnilla's first appearances.

So great is my affection for this OTP that I've decided to post their first meeting from the mini-series, Thor: Son of Asgard. Enjoy!

This mini-series is set during the teenage years of Thor, Sif, Loki and Balder. Odin had sent Balder, Thor and Sif on a journey to find the materials for a new enchanted sword which he will reward to one of them at the end of their quest. They face many tests and each saves the day at one point. While Loki schemes against them until he's captured by Karnilla, Queen of the Norns who wants to rule Asgard. She wants him to assist her but he refuses and warns Odin of her invasion.

She attacks Asgard at the same time the "Warriors Teen" come back and there is a great battle. Karnilla duels with Odin but loses. (But gives a good accounting of herself. After Odin she is the most powerful magic-user in the nine worlds.)

Karnilla puts an arrow into Thor's heart but Sif is able to save him with the magical items they found on the quest and her tears.

Karnilla needs to escape.

This mini may not be canon but I like because I think it fits in perfectly with Balder and Karnilla's characters.

One of my long-range S_D goals is to do a B/K mega-post. I'm still hunting down some back issues but it's coming one day!

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