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Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3

To be quite honest, I really don't know what's going on in this series. Basically (I think?) Nick Fury is a traitor doing super soldier experiments with the Chinese and essentially starts a conflict between the Avengers and the New Ultimates. 

Nick Fury enlists the help of the Punisher (who will get free reign to essentially kill everyone in the prison he's currently incarcerated at) in exchange for his help. Or something.

Later, when Captain America is beating the crap out of Fury...

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Okay, I get the concept of the 'noble sacrifice' and all, and this drops a really nice guilt-blob in UItimate-Cap's lap, given he's largely been ragging on Spidey, as of late, but... Really, what's to stop the Punisher just squeezing off another round?

Also, way to go on making the readers have to buy TWO seperate series to see what happens, Marvel.

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To be fair, from what I understand we see the same events from Peter's perspective in Ultimate Spider-Man.
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It's a huge guilt-blob for Fury, too - Fury is very protective towards Peter.

As for another round, Cap is now aware he's being shot at and has his shield, so.