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Heroes in Hell

Spearheaded by Adam Glass, writer/producer on Supernatural, this year's Justice League of America 80 Page Giant is the story of 18 superheroes being transported to Hell as depicted in Dante's Inferno.

Green Arrow and Ragman find themselves in the Fifth Circle (Anger), where the magic of the environment makes them very, er, angry with each other.

Superman and Red Tornado appear in the First Circle (Limbo).

And Fire and Lobo find themselves in the Fourth Circle (Greed). (And yes, they do mention the detail that the latter is supposed to have been banned from Hell.)

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Why is one of the trees from the Wood of Suicides (Seventh Circle) in the Fifth Circle?
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Now I'm imagining the various denizens of Hell occasionally bored with hanging out in their own circles and just wandering around for amusement. "Hey, there's a party over in the Third Circle of Gluttony, let's go!"
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They're trying out transplanting cuttings from the Seventh to the Fifth?