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Last Time we met the Vulture he was searching for forgiveness from Aunt May. He did so by:

1. Breaking and entering her home.

2. Threatening her at gunpoint.

3. Kidnapping Peter.

You can find the first part here:

Lot of great pages here so I'm missing alot, this issue (SSM 188) is fantastic and I recommend picking it up.

Anywho, when last we met we saw Adrian Tomes trying to get forgiveness from Aunt May.

Oh godammit Tomes...

Well Peter is captured and held hostage in a safehouse. Angered by seeing an old criminal accomplice that Vulture killed, Peter jumps out of a window and mid-air changes into the Spectacular Spider-man.

They fight and Vulture pushes his electro-harness more and more.

I have to say I love the mid-air combat between these two. Vulture vs Spidey fights are always awesome.

The vulture hits the body harness to the absolute max.

Aaaannnd goes down like Icarus

Spidey and Vulture make the landing and Spidey comes across the Vulture with a face full of tears.

"Why didn't you let me die?"

Rock the fuck on.

Spidey brings him back to the Parker household. Aunt May is shocked to see the Vulture.

Interesting to note, Peter isn't "there" for May's reaction.

Mary Jane asks Spidey if Peter's alright and he tells her that Peter is a "pretty fiesty guy." In response Aunt May kisses Spider-man on the cheek and thanks him for all he's done. The two enter the house and of course Peter's sitting on the coach offering "the biggest hug in the history of hugging"

Killing Aunt May and Mary Jane outright.

... alright that didn't happen


With Tomes left to his darkness, the Parker family can finally get some much deserved respite.



(dammit I can't link the drama button either!)

p.s. Harry is evil here

Till next time Scans Daily!

Date: 2011-04-22 12:46 am (UTC)
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I keep seeing Aunt May superimposed over Donald Sutherland from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


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