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Thor: The Mighty Avenger The End

Greetings True Believers!

Oh, how I shall miss this series.

It was too fun, too cute and too happy.

Here are the final pages, Tony big pimpin' and a nice message from the creators.

Remember this series and recommend it to all!

Jane is looking for Thor and she calls a friend who in turn calls another friend.

Ha, I miss this Tony, not a bastard, not running things. Just rolling off the bed filled with supermodels and empties to fight supervillains and commies.

Turns out that the reason Thor lost his memories was because some mysterious science dude tried to body-swap with him.

Thor is a prisoner but breaks his shackles and fights the dude's robots. Iron Man shows up, fights Thor briefly then they stop the science-dude. Base blows up and Tony tells Thor to call Jane.

Aww, I like that. No need for a grand ending or battle. Just walking off together, perfect.

Now a note from the creators.

Equally nice. I will treasure this series.
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Oh hell yes! And even Loki is there! You are a Godsend!