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Oh there's a chronic disconnect, that's for sure. I love my Davis/Barr page from Detective like few others in my collection, but I don't think I'd want a page from the Starlin run.

I can't think of the exact scene your recalling there (Nightwing Year One?) so I'm probably missing context, but I can see Dick's "sneaky, mean little punk" being meant as a sort of compliment from a former Robin to a new one.

"Sneaky" is a good thing to be when you're a sidekick since deception will be one of your primary tools, the whole "But I'm just a kid, what damage could little ol' me do to big thugs like you... oops, sorry, was that your kneecap? AND your skull? Clumsy me..."

"mean" I think is meant to imply that he's a scrappy so-and-so who fights to win and doesn't mess around. Also a good thing when you're a Robin and half the bodymass of most of your opponents, it's no job for a fighter who stretches things out too long.

"little punk" is probably more about attitude, and Jason had been kind of in Dick's face, which Dick wasn't keen on, but had to admit worked (If it was that effective against HIM, imagine what it would do to the bad guys)

Imagine it said with venom and it's unpleasant (and a very un-Dick Grayson thing to say to boot). Imagine said with (somewhat grudging) respect and it comes across better I think.
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