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I wasn't all that enthused for the new DC retroactive series, but the description for this one caught my eye.

Mike W. Barr did some wonderful work with Jason, and I hope this new comic will remind us that, once upon a time, Jason DID have some upbeat moments and he did have a good relationship with Bruce. Quite apart from my affection for the character, I think painting him as such an obvious bad seed right from the start makes Bruce look like a damn fool for not spotting that. I also prefer characters to be multi-faceted - it's not fun OR realistic to paint Jason as never having known a happy moment or a friendly relationship with anyone in the world ever...

After Jason is shot by the Mad Hatter, Bruce explains to Dr Thompkins why he decided to make Jason Robin.

Bruce tentatively suggests that possible death is better than growing up lonely... (not sure I'm with him on this one, but still very touching in context).

And Jason affirms that being Robin is still what he wants, more than anything.

(I'm not really sure what the significance of the Walt Whitman quote is, other than that the human body is pretty awesome and it's cool that Jason didn't get broken beyond all repair).

I love this comic for being a rare, positive take on Jason-as-Robin that still stays true to his post-crisis origin. It's dark in tone without being gritty, and acknowledges the potentially destructive side of Jason's anger without making anger *all* that he is.

Still, we all know what Jason's direction is right now. Personally, I feel there'll be nothing clever or interesting in constantly dropping anvillicious hints about his dark future, although it wouldn't surprise me if editorial have decided to swing it that way. :/ However, if Barr stays true to his original depiction of both Jason and Bruce then this (56 page! :D) one-shot issue of DC Retroactive: Batman - the 80's should be a delight.

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What? Stephanie Brown never died. And Leslie Thompkins is an honorable physician dedicated to preserving life. And "War Games" was just a Matthew Broderick movie. These aren't the droids, move along, la la la. :)


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