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Brightest Day finale, featuring the return(?) of an old favorite. Kinda. Maybe?

So the final issue of Brightest Day came out, wherein we get the grand reintroduction of Swamp Thing to the DCU! Except... not exactly. And I'm really not sure how to feel about this.

Scans from Brightest Day #24, which came out today.

So as we saw in the last issue, the black evil force dealie stuff was using Swamp Thing as the dark avatar, whereas the White Champion was selected to be Alec Holland. Not Swamp Thing, mind you, but the dessicated, crunchy corpse of Alec Holland. The White Lantern recaps his death, and makes an important distinction:

As we see the big, giant, evil Dark Avatar, the Lantern says, "BUT IT WAS ONLY SWAMP THING." At this point, my eyebrows are raised. "Only?" But okay, I read on, seeing the various heroes battle Dark Swampy, while the White Lantern explains its grand plan to Deadman, and why Aquaman, J'onn, Firestorm, and the Hawks were converted into Water, Earth, Fire, and Air elementals:

W... wait. Is anyone else getting the impression here that Johns is saying that Swamp Thing was just a husk that took on imprinted memories, but wasn't actually an individual creature in its own right? Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but wait, see what happens after Alec Holland is officially brought back to life by the White Lantern:

Yeah, he has no memories of being Swamp Thing, because he never was. So while the vines wrap around him and he DOES become Swamp Thing, he's--for all intents and purposes--and entirely different character. In fact, I'm getting the implication that now he's MORE of a character than Swamp Thing was before. Which, it's worth noting, is the monster that Holland!Thing is fighting now, as he definitely states his own identity:

And after the battle is over (spoiler alert! The day is saved), you'll note that Holland doesn't know any of these characters:

So is Swamp Thing back? Not really. This isn't Swamp Thing, it's Alec Holland as the NEW Swamp Thing. Unless he somehow merged his consciousness with the Swamp Thing's--and if you've read this issue, please let me know if that's what happened and I missed it, but the "Do I... know you?" seems to indicate that he hasn't merged with Swamp Thing's memories--then he has NO history with Abby Arcane, or Matt Cable, or even Constantine. On one hand, I suppose this is a way to make the DC-centric Swampy series new-reader-friendly or something. On the other hand, doesn't this kinda piss all over what writers have done with the character from Moore onward?

This is my first time in a long while that I've hastily thrown together a post for a brand new issue. Please let me know if I've screwed up at all with spoilers or anything. Bat-Apologies in advance.
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[personal profile] leikomgwtfbbq 2011-04-27 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Hope not! I think these books should mostly stand alone, with only occasional appearances in the DCU. It would be jarring to suddenly have Constantine running around in a world with superheroes again. Massive tone/world shift there (it'd be returning to the way the book was at the start, but at this point, it ain't Hellblazer if it ain't a murky bleak hellhole!)
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[personal profile] big_daddy_d 2011-04-28 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
This was underwhelming to be honest. After all that, and this was the endgame?
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[personal profile] baxter2814 2011-04-28 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
*sigh* Okay, yeah, chucking out continuity makes it easier to understand. Fine.

The problem is that people don't only read whatever's coming out right now. They also read old stuff, and this is just going to make it more confusing. Just my first thoughts, while keeping my Alan Moore fangirl tied down.
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Reactions from issue...

Wait, how did Nekron "imprint" onto Swamp Thing? The way they make it look you'd think he changes identities on the fly all the time or something.

So "failing" his mission just leaves Hawk as he is? That's it?

Wait was the Entity trying to have Boomerang actually kill Dove instead of Boston?

Why did the four (Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, the Hawks, Aquaman) turn into little "Elementals"? Swamp Thing didn't need their help to kill Dark Thing and they could've slowed it down without being "Elementals" and aren't Elementals supposed to NOT be able to affect one another? I think they made a point of that when Firestorm met Swamp Thing a previous time.

Why didn't the Entity just have the heroes find Dark Thing and have its connection severed BEFORE it arose? I mean it'd take like one Green Lantern and something else. Or any one of the light based heroes like Halo or Dr. Light apparently. Since it's not like Swamp Thing is ALL plant life or plants wouldn't have been able to exist before Alec Holland accidentally made him.

Swamp Thing just healed all the world's plant life? When did it get damaged in the first place?

Oh well. I guess Brightest Day worked well for a six issue mini. What? How many issues? Seriously? 25 issues?
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[personal profile] lascoden 2011-04-28 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
Actually, DC has said that's exactly what they're doing. Seems to be a PunisherMax kinda situation.
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[personal profile] lascoden 2011-04-28 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
I think the bad Swamp Thing was connected to all plant life, they needed the good one to replace the connection.
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[personal profile] aeolos_sakya 2011-04-28 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
It's not that Alex Holland needed the Elementals to kill the corrupted Swamp Thing, but rather, bonding him with his corpse allowed him to later bond with the green once he were resurrected. Or at least that's how I understood it.
Considering that the new Swamp Thing is going to hurt those who hurt the enviroment, it could mean that the damage came from the growing of cities and stuff. But I could be wrong.
The rest of it, yeah, you are right. I'm not pretty sure how to think about it. But that could be because I need to get some sleep. (And I don't think I'll understand it better after that, anyway)
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[personal profile] heckfire 2011-04-28 11:55 am (UTC)(link)
...wait, isn't "Fixing a character by resetting him/her to a status quo from when he/she was great" the ENTIRE M/O of Geoff Johns' writing?

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-04-28 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
except if he wasn't then why did the Swamp Thing imprint on Alec Holland's identity in the first place?

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-04-28 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
it's nopt what he did with Superboy or Kid Flash. overall I like his work. But I'm not that interested in Swamp Thing or Verigo so it doesn't matter to me.

[personal profile] philippos42 2011-04-29 09:57 am (UTC)(link)
We need a comic-book Razzies, but like everything would win.
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[personal profile] jlroberson 2011-04-30 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Meh. The way Johns pulled this right out of his ass near the end of the last issue meant I already didn't care, made even more an issue by the gratuitous and momentary resurrection of Holland here. (I felt sorry for the guy. From his perspective, one minute he was in his lab, getting blown up, the next eaten by some enormous monster he's never seen, 40 years later. That must be what being Billy Pilgrim feels like)

I did win the betting pool, I see, on who gets it in the hand this time.(Hawk)
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[personal profile] jlroberson 2011-04-30 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
PS--Also, this Holland thinks his wife is still alive. Poor SOB.
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[personal profile] halloweenjack 2011-05-01 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
Well, that's about the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen.

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