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Last issue (Amazing Spider-Man #658) Peter's CSI girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, learned that Peter (who is currently off adventuring with his new teammates the Fantastic Four The Future Foundation as Spider-Man) had lied to her about his going out of town on a business trip for Horizon Labs.

So how does she react to this? Well, after one of their roller derby matches, she and her teammates go out for a night on the town to celebrate and drink a little too much booze. And then Carlie gets THIS bright idea:

Yeah, Carlie...I'm sure Peter is going to take this REALLY well.  Things like getting a tattoo of a known super-villain who tried to take over the United States...who also killed Gwen Stacy, the woman your boyfriend hoped to marry someday--the same woman who you were also best friends with when you were kids...who also treated his son, Harry (another one of your friends) like complete crap that's he's still having to deal with those psychological scars ...and that getting this tattoo has become the latest fad amongst convicts, neo-nazis, supremacists, and zealots of all stripes in the greater Marvel Universe is pretty much a guarantee you two WON'T be sleeping together any time soon.

So someone tell me why she's supposed to be Peter's "ideal" and "perfect" girlfriend, who is so "understanding" and "unselfish," again? 

Date: 2011-04-27 08:20 pm (UTC)
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Honestly, even considering this is just... awful of her. I've no particular hate on for Carlie (she's honestly too bland, and I even liked her in the roller derby thing), but this is just appalling. She was CHILDHOOD FRIENDS WITH GWEN STACEY!


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