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Daken slash--er, I mean, versus Gambit

From Daken #8, in which Daken pretty much flirts with every important character except Laura.

But since someone asked, I'm posting the flirting action fight scene between him and Remy.

Presenting... crispy fried Daken. Also, the art is gorgeous.

And who wins this fight? Well I can tell you, it ain't Gambit.

But if it makes you feel better, he does pretty much disintegrate Daken's arm before, well, he's dispatched by a head shot.

And by head shot, I mean Daken punched him. In the head.

Mais oui, idiot.

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Damnit, now I have Gambit singing "The Rain In Spain" with Professor X and Beast in my head.
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I don't know whether I should hate you for love you for putting that in my head.

So who's Higgins and who's Eliza?