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Tales of Midgard or the Warriors Three take a bite out of the Big Apple

Greetings True Believers!

Walter Simonson's run of The Mighty Thor is just perfect. The Warriors Three are a big part of that perfection.

The Asgardians have just defeated Surtur and saved the Nine Realms. Time to head home? Odin's Stones, no! Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral hit the streets for some errands and Midgard fun!

They, in the words of Carl from ATHF, "Don't need instructions to know how to rock!"

Plus a scene from the cute flirtation that Beta Ray Bill and Sif had around that time.

Dr. Blake's staff have seen him in months and they get a visitor.

Later, the W3 take in the NY sights.

Their crawl continues and they run into a certain pack....

Oh, guys. Never stop being you.

Now a scene from Bill and Sif's wanderings. I know Thor and Sif have the whole immortal love thing going for them but Seta is almost too cute.

Plus I'm tracking down an old issue of Power Pack written by Louise Simonson that features the PP/W3 on an adventure! I will be posting that.