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Let me begin part three by saying that although there are ten scans in this post, only seven come from a single issue, so there should be no problem with exceeding scan limits.  Secondly, this post has two major parts.  First, there is the conclusion of the story arc we saw in parts one and two.  This part does not directly involve the Blue Beetle or other members of the JLI, but I do think it contains some metatextual evidence that Beetle's apparent reconciliation with Cap last issue was not all it appeared; in any case, I wanted to post the end of the story arc.  Second, there are some scans from Justice League International Annual #3 and Captain Atom #50 that contain more direct evidence of Ted Kord's true feelings.

So to begin with, the Green Elite conspiracy that was behind framing Nathaniel Adam back in 1968 has successfully assassinated Nate's old defense attorney Henry Yarrow, but has again failed to kill Cameron's former CO, Gen. Wade Eiling, whom Cap does not at all like:

Of course, the conspiracy doesn't give up, and so there is soon another attempt on Eiling:

It sure looks like Eiling is dead, but....

It turns out it was Cap masquerading as Eiling so that Goz could plant a tracer on him, letting them track the assassin, Bolt, back to his employers.  This is, in fact, a running theme in this issue: at least three characters fake their deaths.  Because of the posting limits, I couldn't include the pages wherein Bolt's employers attempt to double-cross him by killing him with a bomb rather than pay him, but suffice it to say that it appears that Bolt is killed, only for it to be revealed later that he successfully teleported away, faking his own death.  In any case, this does allow Cap, Goz, and Eiling to find the masterminds behind the conspiracy.  A battle ensues:

So remember what I said about characters in this story faking their deaths?  It turns out Yarrow was behind the whole frame-up!

So Eiling saves Cap's life and kills Yarrow (who would return one last time nevertheless)....

So even though the Ghost escapes, this looks like a happy ending, doesn't it?  Cap has finally cleared his name, and he and Eiling have reconciled, right?  Well....

Eiling was behind everything the whole time!  Remember what I said about how in Captain Atom, the lies, secrets, and conspiracies always have another layer?  Now, why do I think this is metatextual evidence that Beetles reconciliation with Cap last issue was insincere?  Well, this issue ends with an apparent reconciliation between Cap and Eiling, but which turns out to be deceptive on Eiling's part.  Parallelism would suggest that the reconciliation at the end of the previous issue would also be deceptive.  But that's obviously not strong evidence, so here's some much more direct evidence.

First, from the pages of JLI, this is the story in which the League annexed KooeyKooeyKooey; it is set shortly after this story arc in Captain Atom, and Fire is referring to the events of the previous issue.

I have to say, it's understandable that Ted would be so angry over Cameron's abuse of Dan Garrett's memory.  I think that explains why Ted was unwilling to let go of Cameron's betrayal the way the rest of the League was.

Okay, so that occurred only  a short time later, when Ted's feelings would still have been raw, right?  But here's a later scan from Captain Atom #50, which took place significantly later on within the story.  This issue had the final confrontation between Cap and the Ghost, but Cap was concerned that the Ghost would, as was his typical modus operandi, send agents to attack Cap's friends and family while Cap was distracted fighting him, so Cap asked the Justice League to guard said loved ones.

Well, I think that's pretty clear.  Ted clearly hated Captain Atom.  Then suddenly in Extreme Justice they're close friends.  That kind of careless neglect of established character-continuity really bothers me.  Also, it's annoying for another reason: you can tell a lot of very interesting stories about a team that has to work together despite the fact that not all it's members like one another.  I think it's a more interesting ensemble dynamic than if everyone is best buddies.
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