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Joe Quesada's Variant for "Death of [Ultimate] Spider-Man"

I have to admit that this is an effective cover, but I really have to wonder how serious they are with this being "death" of Spider-Man and if this isn't some elaborate red herring.
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I like it, definitely. It's touching.

But.... did Uncle Ben always have a ponytail?
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Ultimate Uncle Ben did, 616 Uncle Ben never did.
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Ultimate Ben was a hipster?
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Scarves, skinny jeans, the works.
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Hmm... maybe it was Ultimate Ben and May who were featured in Trouble.
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No they weren't. That was an unaffiliated satire/homage to old romance comics.
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And yet it was originally meant to be considered as Canon. It appears many people want to tell their own version of the genesis of their favorite heroes yet not all of them have the talent to do so and end up writing controversial stories. Anyways, we all can be relieved in the fact that Trouble is not Canon.
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Somebody should make some stories of Ben and May during their days as Hippies. I know I would buy that kind of Comic Book.
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heehee iknow your icon is mostly good fun between Kon and Tim... but the look on tim's face makes me think something naughty is happening ;D
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Two out of my five icons are timkon, and my random icon thing always seems to land on this one :3

It may be my favorite. Next to the John Constantine one.

I always thought it was sweeeeeeeet.
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Awww...I have to admit this is a really sweet, touching image. However, it will probably all go to crap if Ult Spidey is Only Mostly Dead, as usually happens.
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From what I've seen, I'm pretty sure that Ultimate Peter Parker will not be around after 160
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What makes you think that my friend?
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It's the way that Bendis is talking about how this is one of the biggest risks he's taken as a storyteller, there's a four issue Ultimate Fallout mini following it, the new costume for Ultimate Spider-man.

I don't think that it's going to be a character change like Invincible ditching the black and blue, I think they're really going to off him.
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Who would or could be spider-man then? Could it be another clone of him ala Ben Reily? It didn't look like spider-woman in that costume either, so that itself is just bugging me.
Ps. Is the fallout specifically for spidey's death or for the fallout of the fight between the two ultimates?
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This doesn't seem sweet to me. It's seems like a cheap, exploitative cover used to drum up interest with a promise of "everything will change!", even though the end result still maintains the status quo.
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Why...why are they killing Peter? :(

That makes me sad. He's the last sane Peter Parker we have le-

Oh, that probably is why they're killing peter. :(
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Noticing Quesada is the creator confirms it.

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That's actually a pretty good cover.
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At least it's lifted from something good.
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I doubt it.

This type of imagery is classic. I highly doubt that it wasn't used in comics until the early '90s.
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As much as it saddens me that Ult. Peter is dead (besides Tony Stark, Thor and the Wasp) he was pretty much the only non-asshole superhero in the Ultimate Universe, I am interested as to what Nick Fury's response to his involvement in Peter's accidental death is going to be.

Prior to the crossover with the Squadron Supreme universe, he had effectively become a mentor to Peter, providing him support, information and the promise that Peter could join the Ultimates officially when he turned 18.

The pair seemingly reconciling after Fury assumes that the revelation of the CIA's cloning programme (they had been cloning Peter because his messed up blood enabled him to be cloned better than regular people. It also made him immune to vampires, but that's a seperate point.) and who was running it would be the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of all the trauma that Peter's had to put up with, so he set up an anti-Spider-Man taskforce in the event that Peter became a supervillain.

The fact that Peter didn't wig out and start being evil caused Fury to actually apologise and actually appear to be genuinely nice, as opposed to just threatening people to do what he wants.

The fact that it was his order that killed Peter, albeit accidentally, should have an interesting impact on Fury, IF they stick with his characterisation and not semi-megalomaniacal, like when he tipped off the Red Skull and AIM about Reed Richards' unprotected Cosmic Cube blueprints in the post-Ultimatum Baxter Building, resulting in a lot of deaths and emotional trauma all around.
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Yeah, this. Bendis' Ult Fury has always been a little more sympathetic than Millar's. Even after the initial stuff with Venom, and Peter assuming that Eddie was dead because of it, Fury simply reassures him. There should be an undercurrent of a threat to any encounter between Pete and Fury, I think - One is America's only 'illegal' superhuman who's allowed to operate in the country, and Nick Fury is arguably the world's most powerful and dangerous man - But at the same time, I think Bendis gets the idea a little better than Millar. You don't unnecessarily piss off the people you're working with or who you want to work for you.

And it is Millar's characterisation that has resulted in stuff like tipping off the Red Skull and the like, but again, Millar's always played him as more of a general asshole.
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[personal profile] chocochuy 2011-05-09 03:51 pm (UTC)(link)
It appears that Quesada loves to make scenes of characters saying farewell as well as losing their Status Quo.

This scene is quite good but somehow I can't fully enjoy it because of its direct connections with Joephisto.