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Yesterday's Doom Patrol Finale got me thinking about other fourth wall breaking endings for comics, and naturally, I thought of the end of Sensational She-Hulk


The story starts with Morris Walters, Jennifer's dad, showing up on her doorstep. He's been in a long distance relationship with Louise "Weezi" Mason, the former Blonde Phantom. Weezi has been Jennifer's sidekick for most of the Sensational run. Morris is hoping to take their realtionship to the next level, and so...

Meanwhile, Jennifer's longtime boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot, announces he has to go back West to deal with some tribal issues. So today just couldn't get any worse for her...
One quick visit to Jennifer's closet full of high tech weapons, and she's ready to go fully Liefeldian on these guys.
And shootyness ensues! Which leads to the final confrontation with the queen!
More fighting! and finally Jennifer gets wise and deals with this bug problem the sensible way...
And now we find out who the monster really is!
And then everybody goes home to find out the book has been canceled...

There's another page of She-Hulk addressing the audience and making a big speech, but I figured it best to keep it down to the final page.


And there's the end of Sensational She-Hulk! Even though John Byrne was off the book at the end, I do think Len Kaminski, Scott Benson, and Pat Oliffe did a good job with the series at the end, but clearly not enough to keep the numbers up. Oh well, it was pretty good while it lasted.

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Not to mention the invitation from She-Hulk for John Byrne to do her anytime... Uh huh.


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