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One two three Thor, tell me that you love me more

Since everybody here is getting Thor-fever (and it is a jolly good film), I thought I'd post some of The Art of Thor

and also some of Ultimate Thor being not quite so ultimate and more like about to get his ass kicked in Ultimates 2 #4 by Captains America, Britain, France, Italy and Spain
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Not sure how much of that was in jest, but that's sort of the point. The story has Wolverine quitting the Avengers because they goof off to much, so Captain America inducts him into his "Captains Courageous" team as the newly minted Captain Canada.
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So even worse, it's just Wolverine with a paint job, and probably written by an American to boot! Fail.
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Given we've had to put up with an American Robin Hood, and an Australian William Wallace, I think you've got some way to go yet.
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oh god captain austrailias costume :p

and man cap chose wolvie instead of vindicator?

the guy already has a cap canada costume!
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Yeah, but Logan was between gigs. Vindicator was already busy.