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The saddest book you ever had to read always makes you cry

I started a series of Minx posts with my snippet of the Re-Gifters and now I'm going to continue with some of New York 4/New York Five. Just as the first Minx book wasn't actually a Minx book, so the last Minx book is also published by Vertigo.

New York Five is the sequel to New York Four and is from the creative team that made the lovely Local (more of which at a future date)

Brian Wood writes and Ryan Kelly draws. Kelly's art is amazing. His figures are good and expressive, but his backgrounds are amazing. I've been told by New Yorkers that you could take a page of NY5, and find it in the city. There's certainly a massive level of detail that I don't remember seeing in pretty much any other book.

NY4 is the story of four freshmen at university in NYC, sharing an apartment in their first semester. NY5 is the story of their second semester.

Here's an intro to three of the girls. Wood does these intro-caption boxes every so often to update you on where the girls are and what they're thinking. Yes, they're a mainstay of the Uncanny X-books but I like them.

Riley is the closest that we have to a lead character. She battled mobile phone addiction and was reunited with her tearaway big sister in 4.
Ren is the grown-up one, usually dating the wrong men, currently dating older men.
Lona is Canadian, not used to failure and is stalking one of her lecturers.


And then a scene of the girls out and about in NYC. When I return to New York, I shall use this as one of my guidebooks.

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