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FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT #1: Miriam Sharp vs. Trish Tilby

FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT has a seven part story by Christos Gage and Mark Mayhew starring Speedball. After helping the Avengers Academy take down from crooks, Jocasta shows Speedball a debate between Trish Tilby and Miriam Sharpe.

Marcy Pearson is an old IRON MAN supporting character. She had a romantic relationship with James Rhodes but also tried to frame Rhodey for Tony Stark's murder.

Trish Tilby first showed up in X-FACTOR, having (somehow) figured out that X-Factor, the "human mutants hunters" were in fact the original X-Men. She appeared in X-MEN with an on/off relationship with Hank McCoy. (Grant Morrison broke them up with Hank saying he was gay. Hank later told Cyclops "I might as well be gay.")

Miriam Sharpe first appeared in CIVIL WAR #1, spitting in Tony Stark's face and saying Stanford blowing up was his fault. She also showed up at Goliath's funeral to give Tony her son's Iron Man action figure, which somehow made the Registration Act okay.

Tony Stark's amnesia isn't public knowledge. It makes sense some people are angry the Superhuman Registration Act was repealed, even with the whole "Norman Osborn should not have been put in charge of everything."

The rest of the story is Robbie volunteering undercover at Miriam's charity, then getting discovered and attacked (thus triggering his powers) as THE FEAR breaks out. And a lot of the narration-boxes are Twitter posts.

The world has changed between CIVIL WAR and FEAR ITSELF. Back then, the disgruntled masses were worried the country was run by money-hungry plutocrats. Now, the disgruntled masses read a lot of Ayn Rand.
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True, the Avengers have a mandate, though they cut ties with the US Government at one point at got a remit from the UN as extraordinary agents dealing with extra-, inter- and intra-planetary incursions etc.
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Isn't SWORD American run rather than UN though? Or is it in that nebulous area like SHIELD where it's Americanity* depends on narrative requirements?

*Not a real word, but I like it!
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From what I can tell, SWORD is what SHIELD used to be, namely accountable to the UN. IIRC, the Americanisation of SHIELD didn't happen until after the Ultimate line got established, and was only cemented around Civil War.