Jared ([personal profile] darkknightjrk) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily 2011-05-11 04:59 pm (UTC)

"I feel like if, as a man, he knows he's basically going to be talking out of his ass on female empowerment, then he shouldn't do it in the first place. They should have gotten a female writer, somebody who actually knows what female empowerment IS, to write it."

I disagree. While it would be nice to have more female creators in mainstream comics in general, I don't think him being a guy makes him immediately disqualified from writing about women. Finding a way to expertly write about unique experiences and create something that feels real and true to the reader is pretty much EXACTLY the job of a writer.

I just can't fault a guy for saying that he wanted to write something that would delight and maybe even inspire his young daughter, and any other young girls who get their hands on his comic.

I'm surprised that there's even any controversy about this--I thought something like this is EXACTLY what people in this Comm would want to see.

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