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Sturges on his Power Girl Two-Issue Arc

So, Matt Sturges is going to write two issues of Power Girl. Now, I am so happy Winick is off the book, even temporarily, but his comments on the nature of the arc seem to worry me.

Read for yourself.

So, what do you guys think?

 I feel like if, as a man, he knows he's basically going to be talking out of his ass on female empowerment, then he shouldn't do it in the first place. They should have gotten a female writer, somebody who actually knows what female empowerment IS, to write it.

It's not about him writing an empowered woman (even though I do think a man can't possibly know what makes a woman empowered). It's that his tone seems to think that this is him telling woman how to be empowered, and I really dislike that a man could be so conceited as to think that he can tell a woman how to be empowered. After all, you know there is going to be a moment where Peej makes a speech to the other women about "how to be their own superheroes" and obviously its Sturges talking.

For legality, the cover of his first issue: