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FF #3 - You are invited.....

Repeating the images from the preview (now with words) as an assorted who's who of people with grudges against Reed Richards of the FF gather.

Doom, now in the COLORS and member of the FF, taunts Reed as members of the Future Foundation go drop off invites to scheming villains across the globe.

The meeting begins.

turns out Valeria went to visit the Council of Reeds as they were falling to the Celestials, and managed to save four of them and brought them to the 616.

In order for them to rebuild what was lost and return home, the surviving Council of Reeds need pieces of technology. Devices found in four different places:

THEY cause the War of the Four Cities.

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Well, Doom is very fond of the first two, and isn't going to object to anything the third decides. (: