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FF #3 - You are invited.....

Repeating the images from the preview (now with words) as an assorted who's who of people with grudges against Reed Richards of the FF gather.

Doom, now in the COLORS and member of the FF, taunts Reed as members of the Future Foundation go drop off invites to scheming villains across the globe.

The meeting begins.

turns out Valeria went to visit the Council of Reeds as they were falling to the Celestials, and managed to save four of them and brought them to the 616.

In order for them to rebuild what was lost and return home, the surviving Council of Reeds need pieces of technology. Devices found in four different places:

THEY cause the War of the Four Cities.

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I normally love Valeria but Hickman is beginning to use her as too much of a deus ex machina character now. So she not only knows everything, makes deals with super-villains on her lonesome but can save the lives of other Reeds when her dad could not? She's what - 4 or 5 at most? Meanwhile her brother aka the most powerful mutant in the world who can create who new universes at a whim, is still written (and drawn) like he's barely 10.
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I confess I get no sense of her as a character beyond a plot device, a bit like Layla in the Forbidden Tome by He Who Shall Not be Posted.
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Same here. She's basically like Rachel in X-Men. And I hated X-Men about when Rachel showed up partly for that reason. Future characters, immortal characters--insufferable know-it-alls. Valeria has yet to grab me as a personality.

(It's one reason I love how they keep humiliating Orlando in LOEG. ;) )
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On the other hand they do manage here to make the Wizard look almost threatening.

Unless there's someone who ever thought he was anyway. I mean, "the Wingless Wizard?" So, there are wizards elsewhere WITH wings? Oh, and you can fly and you hang out with Paste-Pot Pete. Jesus, apart from Medusa? The Frightful Four made the Circus of Crime look cool. (Sandman was in more than one group so he doesn't really count much either)
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So she not only knows everything, makes deals with super-villains on her lonesome but can save the lives of other Reeds when her dad could not?

Well, so far as Reed knew when he left them, they didn't seem to need any saving: he helped the Council to see off the original Celestial attack, and it looked like the battle was pretty much over by that point. Val just happened to show up after things had taken a turn for the worse, so the Reeds were able to use the portal she'd come through to escape.
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I want to see Valeria and Layla Miller team up. Add in Squirrel Girl and nothing bad would ever happen in the universe ever again.
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You forget Molly Hayes and Bill born of Bills.
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Bill born of Bills died pretty darn easily. I don't see a lot of hope for him.

What's up with him and Kelda right now anyways? Did she go evil or bring him back yet?
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Oh, I thought we were going by sheer awesomeness factor, not actual level of power.

And I don't know, I haven't picked up any Fear Itself yet, but I think she's getting involved in it. On the evil side, yes, because apparently she's a little clingier than is god for her.
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But isn't Bill born of Bills Einherjar now? He should be pretty badass at this point.

[personal profile] dreams_of_all 2011-05-12 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
See, Bill (born of Bills) got the dying part out of the way early, so he didn't need to worry about it cluttering up his schedule at inconvenient times, and now he's just ready to go kick some ass.

...That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it.
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Well, Doom is very fond of the first two, and isn't going to object to anything the third decides. (:
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And Wanda. She can rewrite anything.

I want the next DC-Marvel crossover to be her, Howard the Duck, Superboy Prime and Ambush Bug.