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Amazing Spider-Man #660...or Where Carlie Got Her Tattoo (spoilers)

For those who remember, in the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter's new CSI girlfriend, after finding out Peter lied to her about his business trip to Horizon Labs (he was really off with the Fantastic Four Future Foundation) reacted by getting drunk with her Roller Derby pals and was about to get a drunken revenge tattoo of none other than the Green Goblin, which you can see for yourself here.

So did Carlie go through with it? And what would this mean for her and Peter's relationship? Well, we got our answer. And...

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Now admittedly, when the whole Carlie getting the tattoo of the Green Goblin cliffhanger happened last issue, I was pretty ticked. However, while it certainly made Carlie look terrible in that she was shown to make stupid and rash decisions while drunk and upset, at least I understood why she was getting the tattoo and how this could result in potential drama down the road, ridiculous though it might be.

But this? "Oh, how cute. Carlie got a Spidey tattoo, instead. What a great girlfriend. Peter is so lucky to have someone like her in his life who can make such a commitment. Never mind the whole reason that Carlie even asked for a tattoo was because she wanted to get back at Peter after catching him in a bold face lie about him saying he was on a business trip for Horizon. No, we're gonna forget all about that so these two can finally make some sweet, sweet love to show everybody how right and perfect they are for each other."

Give. Me. A. Break. This, my friends, is the definition of a cop-out. What say you, Annie Wilkes?

Oh, and remember that Marvel Watcher video from awhile back that said Carlie would be making a "commitment" that no other Spider-Man love interest in any continuity will have ever made before? Well, this would fit the bill, wouldn't it? Because getting a tattoo takes commitment because, unless you pay for some expensive laser surgery, they're permanent. More permanent than, rings? Which means Carlie getting a Spidey tattoo as a sign of her "commitment" to Peter means she's "more committed" to Peter than Mary Jane ever was, and therefore this makes her "the greatest girlfriend Peter Parker has ever had!" right, Marvel? 

Okay, maybe that part I'm being just a little too hyperbolic and tongue-in-cheek.  Oh well, at least now we know Peter has a fetish for...himself?

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It turns out that the ending was hastily rewritten because of the backlash from fans. Originally, she did get the Goblin tattoo after all. Here is the original page:

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The sad thing is the only reason I wouldn't beleive that as the real page was her saying she was rebound from MJ and not perfect for him.
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Holy shit

Holy shit
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Norman's face in panel four

God damn
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Literally lolling so hard it hurts

I am seriously about to fall the fuck out of my chair
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Seriously, that and it's disturbing implications make this all the more amazing.
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I can't tell if Norman's O-face is scarier than Misery.
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Norman: "That's right my little Spider...she may call you her Daddy Long Legs this night but soon... you will be covering me with your web fluid. I'll be watching you like a spider on the wall. Every night." *licks lips* "Here comes the money, er, web shot." *chuckles to self* "Ahh coming up with corny spidey puns is fun."
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~sings~ Brill-llllliant!