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Greetings True Believers!

Loki is learning about what his role is to be in the Fear to come...

He needs allies, wisdom but most of all, he needs to talk to his brother.

Plus Volstagg being awesome, cuz that's what he does/is.


Odin is turning Asgard into a war machine. They're even imprisoning their enemies for use as attack dogs.

Loki isn't happy, especially with Thor's imprisonment. Volstagg takes him aside to teach him wisdom.

With goat-poop.

And of course, he's awesome.

Loki turns to the wicked bird "Ikol" for wisdom. The bird tells him to visit the World Tree and the three Nornish women who sit at it's base, whispering secrets.

Loki makes a rope of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder's wool and dons his Asgardnaut armor and dives in.

He discovers...something.

Ikol asks him if he knows his path. Loki says he does but he needs more then counsel of a wicked bird to know if he should take this path.

Hmm, I like where this going, Loki's Dirty Dozen? Nice.

Loki frees a Hel-Wolf and binds it to him with Thor's Bregd-Thrall.

Now he must gather more allies and meet another relative.

Next issue:

Nice. I love the new dynamic with Thor and Loki. They need each other, well done Marvel!

Date: 2011-05-13 02:07 am (UTC)
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Well, writing a clever antagonist Loki is pretty easy with a chaotic neutral character. They're basically lying, cheating, bastards with strong self-interest...but they're loyal and will act in the interest of those that they've allowed to matter to them. Really, at his best, Loki is chaotic neutral. Also it keeps the Asgardians from looking like chumps for keeping him around, which was the major problem with "god of evil" Loki.

My take on this: So Loki will do some bad stuff for the greater good, and everyone will call him evil. The difference is that Loki is going to be doing stuff from a different motivation than before. Every previous time Loki's been highly immature and self-centered, and now, Loki is outwardly focused now. It's not about him only so much. I also think Thor or Odin are going to get clued in to why Loki has to be an agent of chaos, at least if young Loki is around for long.


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