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I've said it before, but I don't see the reduction in BatDickery than many do. But I may be influenced there by my belief that Morrison is poor at writing some of the core Bat-relationships (Bruce/Dick being the worst offender, and even Dick/Damian though approaching the fun, has been based on Dick never actually calling Damian on shoddy behaviour)

The "Dick making Damian Robin without talking to Tim first" is inexcusable. The return of Bruce Wayne in the climactic fight with Hurt had almost none of the emotion that one would have hoped for.

The launch of Batman Inc had him issuing orders to the immediate Batfamily, as opposed to ASKING for their help. Just seemed to be usual presumptive Batman. He smiled more to be sure, but his actions were pretty high handed.

And it's not just Morrison, the entire Return of Bruce Wayne arc was basically Bruce wandering around in a ludicrously convenient JLA-power duplicating supersuit (whose origin and eventual fate of which seem to be completely glossed over) kvetching a lot (again, noticeable in the Batman and Robin issue, where FabNic has to put in a line about how even Bruce realises he's just whining for the sake of whining about how well Dick and Damian are doing, and which had a subplot of Bruce running his own mission in Gotham and interfering with Dick and Damian's own mission without actually ASKING for their help. The fact that Dick and Damian actually managed to achieve their goal despite Bruce's interference was a nice moment for them, but did nothing to show Bruce in a good light).
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