Date: 2011-05-13 12:44 pm (UTC)
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Theres an old batman story concept that gets played over and over in comics. Three cops, talking to each other. Swapping stories. -I- saw the batman scare a jumper off the ledge then convince him to get help. -I- saw the batman go through some gangsters in a hostage situation and utterlly brutalize them Arkham Asylym dickpunch style.

Then cop 3 days, -I- saw Batman rescue two orphans from the street and help them find a home. And he cried.

And cops 1 and 2 say MAN BULLSHIT.

End of comic, Batman checking in on 2 kids asleep in their bed.

The point? Batman IS a loner. He is a grim, dark knight crusader millar nolan cocktail of testosterone, hate, and misery. He is brusque with his friends and can be thoughtless of the feelings of those close to him.

But he is also mindful of his faults. He is sincere, he is sympathetic, he is capable of empathy and he only wants to spare people misery and bring some hope and happyness to this world.

He's Santa Claus with a Chainsaw, The Easter Bunny with a shotgun. Jesus the Vampire.

Batmans all of those things. Infact, I might post scans of that issue- i'm arse at html though, can uh...anyone explain how to insert a cut into a post? >_>;
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