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So it's come to my attention that many folks haven't ever heard of Freight Train who is acting as the muscle for the current Outsiders team bringing in some new blood to the team.

He debuted in issue 30 of the series but his origin story wasn't explained until issue 35 where we discovered how he received his powers.

When he first showed up he was explicitly stated as working for Simon Stagg. Simon Stagg is the father of Sapphire Stagg, Rex Mason/Metamorpho's ex-wife. Java, one of Simon Stagg's workers was also in love with Sapphire and hated Rex for taking "his" girl from him. Sapphire of course loved Rex and so on and since then Sapphire has somehow died very recently. (If anybody knows how that'd be nice to know)

Some issues ago Java even tried killing Metamorpho knocking him out while holding the Orb of Ra (the orb that gave Rex his powers but also hurts Rex if he's near it) and dumping him into Chemo.

Now in the present Metamorpho's been saved by his team mates Owlman and Freight Train and the three go to find Simon Stagg (or Java technically since he's always with Simon) but Freight Train apparently betrays them and lets Simon Stagg and group capture the two.

(Whoo boy, hope that made sense to you folks)

The big plan Simon has is to use Black Lightning as a power source and with research he based off of the Black Rings from Blackest Night to resurrect Sapphire.



Freight Train then proceeds to hit Owlman with his stick, no I mean his know what I mean.

Why yes, he's trying to help the two but not get detected by Simon... and yes the big tough Freight Train's first name is Cecil. XD

And so Java transforms into the Shaggy Man (a different one than the invulnerable one we've seen battle the JLA other times) and we see the interesting and rather amusing origin sequence of Freight Train.


Wait, what? Someone (Dan Didio, the writer, in fact) in 2011 remembered Bloodlines!? (Well, I knew of course but it was a neat surprise for many I assume).


And well we then have everyone fight and the battle has Java and Freight Train damage the life transference device.

The plan was apparently working but interrupted and Black Lightning survives it but Sapphire...

"We won right?" says Freight Train as Owlman is picking up the heavily drained Black Lightning, Rex holds his dead wife and a knocked out Java lies on the floor. 

Admittedly it makes him sound like a bit of a douche but he has no emotional connections to the folks and as far as he can tell he DID just help save Black Lightning and Sapphire was already dead...

I can't say he's particularly special but I do like that even now DC was willing to reference the event though how he existed boggles my mind a bit. After all Parasite attacks never apparently happened in Canada where he was bitten. Which was the reason Sparx had gone to Metropolis so that she could get powers. Still it was interesting that Dan Didio helped create a Black Canadian superhero for the Outsiders and as you've seen in Batman Incorporated he seems like he'll be sticking around with the Outsiders.                                                                                    

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I meant in between... after a while of not talking about it, it's like it maybe retcon... why are some of the lesser "books" of the time are the ones who are forgotten...


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