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No one draws a Tim-hug like Marcus To draws a Tim-hug... plus other weeekend cuteness!

I'd advise anyone with a tumblr account to follow Marcus To's account, since he'll be posting sketches there he doesn't post on his DeviantArt site

Case in point, a sketch that makes even ME love Jason Todd!

Big bro' noogies! (Not quite a hug, but as good as Tim and Jason are going to get I think)

The pencil art from Red Robin 20, as the Teen Titans make a dramatic entrance

And then spoil it all with a momentary blast of uncontrolled Tim hugging! (Isn't that adorable? You can just hear Tim's inner voice going "PERSONAL SPACE! PERSONAL SPACE!")

And, because it never gets old.. Bruce and Tim... (and the perfect smile of happiness from Tim)

But just so no one thinks I'm ignoring the ladies of the family, image the sheer "Oh shit, there is not a word yet invented for how much I'm screwed now" that would manifest within the heart of any Gotham criminal seeing this trio heading towards them?

And some other odds and ends!

And courtesy of the almighty Fred Hembeck... Dick and... Dick? (Not my card, alas)

Sonny Strait proves again his love for the ethos of the 1960's Batman TV series, with my suggestion of Batman and Robin trapped in go-go dancer cages as entertainment for the clients of the Iceberg Lounge's special AFTER hours show...

"Batusi old chum, Batusi like your life DEPENDED on it!"

And a little silly cuteness courtesy of DeviantArt as first of all, Dick feels that he and Damian need to bond more to create a team identity....

Custom Sweaters

You just KNOW Dick hand knitted them too!


Happy Family

I love the kids crawling over their dads!

And here we have some fanart Milo Ventigimila in a variation on the Nightwing costume I think I can safely endorse! :)

Click on the link to go to the CAF page

And this one I found on Tumblr, by a poster called nogutsnoglory, showing three of our favourite Titans after a workout... Exactly what they were doing to raise a sweat I leave to your imagination! :)

Click no the pic to go to the original Tumblr post.

Hope you have a fun weekend!

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Ah, ok. I don't really spend much time writing fanfic (not stuff I'm willing to share with anyone else, at any rate) but if I ever do write one and then discover that I've made reference to too many hands/legs/penises, I'll just leave a footnote at the bottom that reads "and Dick was there too." :D

Well, one time I tried to write this Donna/Jason one, but I just felt weird and itchy all over. Fic is way harder to write than generic porn - you have to have, like, competent characterisation and a semi-plausible premise and everything!