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On a more serious note, anyone remember the time I mentioned how someone had editted my old sprite designs and posted them on a porn site? Well, he's both still using my designs without permission (in a non-porny way... or at least I hope he isn't) AND is selling prints of the strips over on DevArt.

Mentioned it to the DevArt admins, though I'm still annoyed about this, if only because this is a non-profit fanthing that he's trying to cash in on with my stuff. Grr.

Date: 2011-05-16 12:53 am (UTC)
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After a bit of digging, it looks like she ran away from David Cain when she was eight after killing someone in Macau, which is a ferry ride away from Hong Kong. One could argue she's maybe getting back to her origins while trying to find her place in the world.


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