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Batman Solicits!


Written by DAVID HINE
1:10 Variant cover by J.G. JONES
Le Jardin Noir – France’s very own Arkham Asylum – falls under siege! Someone has freed the lunatics, and unless they can be stopped, they’ll turn Paris into a surreal Hell on Earth! Batman and Robin join Nightrunner in a mind-bending battle with the strangest lineup of villains this side of Bizarro World.
On sale AUGUST 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Spot the references!

Well, there's a Clockwork Orange, obviously. Nightrunner's gone a bit Dali and... errr, and the Effiel Tower being used as an Eye Trauma Comics homage.


Art and covers by TREVOR MCCARTHY
1:25 Variant covers by DUSTIN NGUYEN
Batman, Red Robin, Robin and Black Bat are all thrown into a race against time as The Architect’s true plan is revealed! But what does that mean for Oswald Cobblepot and Tommy Elliot? And just how does the first Super Villain of Gotham City factor into The Architect’s plot to destroy the city’s first families? Be here for the exciting penultimate issue!

And in issue #5, it’s Batman vs. The Architect! The downfall of a major Gotham family! The betrayal of Damian Wayne! It’s all here in this final issue, plus the untold fate of Gotham City’s first Super Villain! Be here as GATES OF GOTHAM sets the stage for a bold new direction in the Bat books!
Issue #4 on sale AUGUST 3
Issue #5 on sale AUGUST 17
4 and 5 of 5, 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

And Cass is mentioned in the actual solicits. Sweet. ^^ Admittedly in the last two issues, it looks like a cool mini so I'm not gonna complain. The covers certainly have been all kinds of gorgeous.


Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER
Stephanie Brown has done her best to put her past behind her, but as the Repears’ mysterious client stands revealed, Batgirl’s going to learn the hard way that those who fail history are doomed to repeat it. This issue has it all: Secrets unearthed! Alliances broken! Splash pages!
On sale AUGUST 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Hm, mysterious cilent? Someone from Steph's past? Oh no, it's the flaming bum!

Or the dude with the dreads who knocked her up, whichever.

The cover's certainly pretty though.

And finally,

Batman’s slipperiest foe steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight for a “Legends of the Dark Knight” issue that reveals, for the first time, the full story of Inque! Her past is blacker than anyone ever knew… and considering the new ally she’s fallen in with, her future could be darker still!
On sale AUGUST 3 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

This could be interesting. For those young folk out there who don't know who Inque is, she's the blob monster in this clip,
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Mister Magritte's hands there do not look so well from that distance.
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"Well, there's a Clockwork Orange, obviously."

Not only that, but it's also a reference to "The Son of Man" by Rene Magritte, which uses an apple instead of an orange. The fact that he's floating might also be a reference to another Magritte work, "Golconda".
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aaaaah! I want to get excited! (fuck I am excited) but I'm SO SCARED TOO! Oh Cass! Oh Cass! Please DC do NOT fuck this up!! T-T *reading the part about damian's betrayal* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!! WHY, do they have to go there, WHY?! Can we just have one family story out there that DOES NOT involve betrayal?? ToT damnit! I hope whatever happens, Cass gets to spank him at the end. That's the only thing that will make up for it! :(

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Batman and Robin (and Nightrunner) versus the return of the Painting that Ate Paris would be kind of awesome...

Love the Nguyen cover (which practically goes without saying)

I liked Inque, a lot, to the extent I don't think I want her Beechen-ised.
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A Magritte reference on the cover of a Batman issue not written by Grant Morrison? It really is the end of the world.

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Wasn't there a deconstructionist villain in Justice League Europe a long time ago? I wonder he's behind what's going on in the Batman and Robin issue.
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My money's on Cluemaster being Steph's mystery villain.
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Dustin's Batgirl cover is beautiful, but I had a moment of real panic when I saw it, where I thought 'Hoshit, it's got everybody who's ever appeared in Batgirl - gotta be a final issue. DON'T CANCEL STEPH!!!!11!1!'

Then I read the solicit and calmed the eff down. I'm actually halfway intrigued by what the Reapers' client is after. DNA from a dead singing nun is critical to the master plan, which to me equals awesome, whatever the heck it is.
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Oh, hey! This means Damien finally gets to meet Cassandra like he wanted, doesn't it?
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I swear, when I first saw Nightrunner, I thought he was X-Force Deadpool.
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I swear, if DC released a collected edition of their Batgirl covers by Dustin Nguyven, the things I would do to acquire it/once I had it would probably break a couple of international laws.

Sooooooo pretty....
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I love how excited Beryl/Squire looks inside The Compact. ^_^

"Steph! Did you know your steering wheel's on the wrong side?!"
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Scrolling down that Gates Of Gotham cover, at first I thought it was one of Mike Mignola's.
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Inque!!!! She was the most interesting BB character to me back when I was eight years old. Wondered where she'd gone off to.
And I love the large cast Batgirl cover.