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Ultimate Venom: Part 2

This is a continuation of this post from a couple of days ago. It contains scans from issues #36 to #39.


So Eddie Brock is hanging out with Gwen Stacy. Eddie begins to make the moves on Gwen.

Eddie calls her a tease and Gwen, pissed off, leaves. Eddie turns on the TV set and sees black-suit Spidey swinging around. Eddie puts two and two together and runs back to the lab where he sees Peter, with footprints coming in from a window on the ceiling.

Peter accidentally lifts up Eddie above his head. Eddie realizes that Peter is Spider-Man and demands to know what is going on. Peter manages to calm him down and explains everything that has gone in. He concludes that "the suit" is dangerous and must be destroyed lest it fall into the wrong hands.

I have to laugh at this, as pretty much 90% of the Ultimate Marvel Universe know who Peter is. :D Even Kong figured it out.

So Peter swings off and throws "the suit" into a smoke shaft. Peter goes home to see Gwen (May took her in after the death of her father), who tells Peter what happened between her and Eddie. She tells him that Eddie is a scuzball (her words). When Peter protests, she responds that she has a sixth sense about these things and that Eddie is a bad guy.


Eddie continues to struggle with the suit when the police arrive.

Interestingly enough, the original pencils for this page (which I can't find now) had Venom with the white spider insignia on his chest like the 616 version but this was colored out with the finished issue.

Later, Peter is taking algebra when his spider-sense goes off.


In case it's not clear, the voice over is from a tape Richard Parker left for Peter.

Peter attempts to reason with Eddie inside and lure him away from campus to prevent anyone from being hurt. Peter doesn't know how much of it is Eddie acting on his own free will and how much of it is the suit controlling his behavior. After all, Peter barely escaped from the suit and he has superpowers, whereas Eddie is just an average guy.

The police arrive and tell both of them to lie down on the ground with their hands over their heads. Venom turns around and the police begin shooting at him.

There is a white blast of light and all that is left a smoldering pile of goo. As a devastated Peter flees from the police, Peter's father tells him that there will be people in life who are their own worst enemy, and instead of dealing it with themselves, will instead lash out at you. "Don't let other people blame you for what they do to themselves."


This is sort of an epilogue of sorts. A lot of people have said its superfluous, but it does answer some questions.

Peter follows Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury asks Peter what he wants, and Peter tells him that he wants Fury to take away his powers and make everything go back to the way it was.

Nick Fury's response: "Kid, you had a rough day. Everyone has one. And when you do--do what I do--You ask yourself. Anybody's life better because of what I did today? If the answer's yes...then stop your whining. If not, well do better tomorrow." He tells Peter that it's not his fault what others do to themselves and that he's not responsible for everything that goes on.

Peter then goes to Eddie's dorm to see if anything has happened. Eddie's roommate tells Peter that he just missed him, to which Peter asks if Eddie was there.

Peter goes to the laboratory where Eddie worked to find Curt Connors there. Connors, like Eddie, puts two and two together and deduces from he was Spider-Man due to Spidey wearing Richard Parker's "the suit". Peter (as Spider-Man) had previously helped him out when he was the Lizard, and Connors promises to keep his identity a secret.

Peter looks around but no one is there.

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*Sigh* you know Spider-man was one of the only ultimate series i liked, and I never really liked Ultimate Fury, but he did have his moments.
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Despite how traditionalist Bagley's art style is in some places, he has a wonderful talent for expression. I was always struck by his depiction of that single eyebrow lifting to denote Eddie's sudden shock.
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By the by, all of this reminds me - did Bendis ever explain how Peter was able to know his parents (and, as this arc demonstrated, there is video evidence that he did) when "Ultimate Origin" shows them being killed by the Hulk when Pete was a tiny babby?
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It was a good spin on the character.
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I really need to get me some USM. I've only read a couple of issues, mostly the stuff posted here.

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-05-17 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
they just could not decide what Reed's role was going to be early in the UU could they?
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[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-05-17 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
Richard Parker mentions that they were on ground no one had tread before, not Reed Richards, Tony Stark, William Marsden or Alexander Haddow. But Reed is a near peer of Peter and undiscovered till he was in high school(early in it though), maybe a couple of years older and Richard has been dead since Peter was a small child.
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Ultimate Reed didn't get discovered in high school. He became a government-sponsored genius inventor and scientist at the age of 11. He's supposed to be roughly 5 years older than Pete. So if the video is from when Peter was, I dunno, 7 years old, Reed would have been about 13 and already well-known to the scientific community. It's still weird for Richard Parker to talk about him in the company of those other names at that time, but the timeline isn't really out of sync.

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-05-17 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
really? That doesn't seem right to me, because he started dating Sue really quick and I didn't think there was that much time between him going to the Baxter Building and them becoming the Fantastic Four.
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I always loved the Fury parts; it always had a kind of fatherly overtone to it. I really, with all my might, hope that Peter stays alive in the current.
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Are you also going to post Eddie's more recent appearances?
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I would be interested in that...can't quite recall how that story element ended.
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That scene where Eddie is hanging on the edge of the lab table, with the symbiote sort of erupting around him in tendrils, is pretty hentairiffic in a context-is-for-the-weak kind of way.
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It's never just you!
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Even in his better days, Bendis has to drop two reveals of Spidey's "secret" identity and have him fighting a monster in public with no suit, just to remind me that yup, it's a Bendis comic.
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It seems no matter what universe or reality, Peter Parker will feel guilty about, well, pretty much everything.

[identity profile] 2011-05-17 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Except little things like selling his marriage to the Devil or breaking into someone's honeymoon suite to have anonymous sex with the Black Cat.
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Well, 616-Spider-Man doesn't remember that business with Mephisto (according to One Moment in Time).