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After my posts on the first Venom storyline from Ultimate Spider-Man, [personal profile] misterbug requested that I post the next 'Ultimate Venom' arc, but do that I'm going to have post some bits from other issues for it to make sense. You'll see when I get there.

First up is none other than Bendis's take on Carnage. Like Venom, Carnage was a character Bendis didn't want to do, so when he did do it, he ended up doing a character that was only similar in name and basic appearance.

First part is from issues #60 to #62.

So Curt Connors, despite being cured from being the Lizard, is still haunted by visions and nightmares.

As seen from my last post, Connors knows who Spider-Man is but has promised to keep the knowledge a secret.


Curt Connors calls Pete for a little meeting and tells him he looked at his blood sample. Peter wants to know if there is something wrong with it.

So Peter gets wounded again and calls Curt up for help. While there, he asks for the progress on Curt's project. Curt tells him he has to see his son soon and can't.


In the next issue, Connor's lab assistant (who is called Ben in-joke on Bendis's part to assure that wouldn't be an Ultimate version of the Ben Reilly) finds that the experiment is missing. At first he assumes that it has been stolen, but then the body of a guard is discovered...his corpse is completely drained and desiccated.

Needless to say, the creature has transformed into the Carnage we all know and love, and is now killing people left and right.

The Carnage creature also appears to have Peter's memories:

 needless to say, the gruesome dispatching of one of Bendis's most popular characters didn't sit well with a lot of fans, and many of them dropped the book after this issue.

Next time: Spidey deals with the aftermath of Gwen's death and confronts Carnage.
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