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Why Peter never went Completely Insane and... a Question!

My question is:

What DC superheroes (if any) have teleportation as a superpower?

Marvel has tons: Cloak, Blink, Magik, and my 2nd favorite X-man Nightcrawler!

But for DC my mind draws blanks. I suppose Zantanna could with magic or Dr. Fate but that's not really a superpower. I think there was a villain or something named Warp but he could be from Marvel...

From Spiderman 184, Harry is again the Green Goblin.

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Gates of the Legion is a teleporter, yes?

The second Invisible Kid had teleportation powers for a time, too.
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Gates of the Legion is a teleporter, yes?-

Yes. Cool character.
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Of course! The hairless monkeys always forget about the silicon-based life forms!
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Is Gates silicon based? I thought Gates species were just carbon based arthoropods. (Blok is silicon based though)
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I didn't follow Lo3W and so don't know his official reason for joining the "original recipe" team rather than remaining with his own. I do like what we've seen of the character since the book restarted, but that hasn't been very much...