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Why Peter never went Completely Insane and... a Question!

My question is:

What DC superheroes (if any) have teleportation as a superpower?

Marvel has tons: Cloak, Blink, Magik, and my 2nd favorite X-man Nightcrawler!

But for DC my mind draws blanks. I suppose Zantanna could with magic or Dr. Fate but that's not really a superpower. I think there was a villain or something named Warp but he could be from Marvel...

From Spiderman 184, Harry is again the Green Goblin.

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Wasn't the Hood's eponymous cloak the one that formerly belonged to Devil-Slayer?

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I have no idea, never heard of that before. But Devil-Slayer had a cloak during Secret Invasion, he was instrumental in stopping the Skrull plot to send all of North America to the Negative Zone.

After one last big jump he just collapsed, haven't seen him since. Not even in the first issue of Youth in Revolt which had so many other former members of the Initiative.